Satoru's Literature Residence


Here is MIYAKE Saoru's pages.
He writed first Japanese original rhymed verse,
and first colloquial Japanese traditional poetry.


Lyrical verse


Writings books (Tanka: Japanese traditinnal poet)

Tsuki no mukougawa 1999 Shinpusha
ISBN4-7974-0945-2 (1100 yen)

Roll and cry 1996 Shinpusha
ISBN4-88306-986-9 (1262yen)

Cry=Sakebi 1995 Chusekisha
ISBN4-8060-1072-3 (1942yen)

Korogaru 1992 Chusekisha
ISBN4-8060-1058-8 (1942yen)

If you would like to read my books (in Japanese),
you can find a few at as follows:

  • Canada(Toront,Ontario)
    University of Toront Library
    The Cheng Yu Tung East Asian Library
  • Hangary(Budapest)
    Library of the Hungarian academy of sciences
  • The Netherlands (Leiden)
    Center for Japanese and Korean Studies
  • UK(London)
    The British Library
    Oriental and India office collections
  • USA(Washington,D.C.)
    The Library Of Congress
  • Another librarys that I don't know . (If you know,tell me, please.)

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